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Class Registration & Cancelation

Class Registration for Members and Drop Ins

Hey, lets call a spade a spade – we just don’t make enough money to pay coaches to coach empty classes. But we promise, once we win power ball, that will all change! Until then, everyone needs to register for class AT LEAST 20 minutes before the class start time (including our wonderful Drop-Ins)!

Classes with zero reservations automatically cancel starting as early as 3 hours before the scheduled class start time.

The last thing we want is someone sitting outside our locked doors, missing their workout, and potentially ruining their day, week, or year… all because of a misunderstanding.

So please, register for class =)

Class Cancelation for Members

So you registered, GREAT. But life just happened and you need to cancel. Cool, we have a plan for that – just log into Wodify and cancel your reservation at least 1 hour before the class start time. That’s it, super simple.

But… we want to make sure our coaches are prepared for the onslaught of fitness, so its important for them to know 1 hour ahead of time who will be in class. So its important for you to keep your reservations when we get close to class. That way they can start working on the right scaling options, RX + options, equipment needs and arrangement, and all that good stuff so your class is the best it can be!

When we say cancel ahead of time we mean business. If you cancel within the hour before class start time we charge a $5 late cancelation fee. If you do not cancel and no show to a class, we charge a $15 no-show fee.

Class Cancelation for Drop Ins

We do not refund Drop In reservations, but if you contact us at least 1 hour ahead of time and we will do our best to move your reservation to another class that day of your choosing, pending availability.